Your house….your rules

At Foxhill Manor, we don’t believe in set menus or meal times; just like at home, dining with us is all about fitting in with your tastes and your schedule.

Whether you want a full scale seven course feast or a midnight bacon butty in bed, our kitchen is at your disposal. Our motto is ‘whatever you fancy, wherever you fancy it.’


How it works…

We invite you to sit in the kitchen with head chef Iain Dixon and he will create a menu with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it.

Iain is a dab hand at making magic with the finest foodstuffs that our Cotswolds location has to offer, using regionally sourced and freshly foraged ingredients to create sophisticated, satisfying dishes, packed with flavour and presented with flair. If you are not sure what you fancy, just let Iain conjure something up for you.

You then let us know what time you would like to dine and where in the Manor. the Dining Room, the Drawing Room, the garden, your bedroom, or somewhere else entirely – just say the word and your host will make it happen, wherever and whenever you like.

During the day just ask your hosts if you fancy lunch, or an afternoon snack and we will give you a list of house specials, or go off-menu and order whatever you’re in the mood for.


How we price things…

The 7-course Foxhill dinner is £65.00 per person and includes canapés, appetiser, starter, main, dessert, a fine Cotswold cheese board, coffee and petit fours. Feel free to pick a more casual option from our house specials, which are all individually priced.

With great food comes great wine. The Foxhill cellar is yours for the plundering. Starting at an enticing £27 a bottle, our selection covers everything from everyday crowd pleasers to splash out, once-in-a-lifetime vintages. Just pluck your preferred bottle from the wine cellar, and we’ll be there with a corkscrew and decanter at the ready…

In the Drawing Room, you’ll find a well-stocked drinks trolley where you can mix your own chosen tipple, plus an array of help-yourself cakes presented each day. Heading to the Screening Room? Popcorn and cinema snacks are at hand.

And of course, we should probably tell you about The Pantry. If, like us, you’re tired of boxy little minibars with surrealist prices for a bag of peanuts, you’ll likely appreciate this cupboard of goodies on the first floor, containing a complementary help-yourself selection of beers, soft drinks and snacks – all of it replenished every day.

Still peckish? Just pop into the kitchen, let the chef know what you fancy, and he’ll rustle something up…